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to the homepage of the Schäfer Pharma GmbH- your partner for the marketing and distribution of your products in pharmacies.

On the following you will find information about the company and its service.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information!

Many thanks for your interest and visiting our homepage!
Andrea Schäfer


The Schäfer Pharma GmbH was founded in 2001 by Andrea Schäfer. After studying economics she was working in well-known pharmaceutical companies in marketing and distribution of OTC- and ethical products. With this experience in the market she started to build up her own company.

At the beginning the company was only focused on marketing of OTC products in pharmacies. Later and accordingly to customers demands the company completed its service with logistics and distribution.

At the moment the Schäfer Pharma GmbH is offering full service to three foreign pharmaceutical companies all with high reputation in their markets. In addition some projects are running.


You want to launch a new product in pharmacies? Your products are available in some pharmacies but you want to increase distribution and sales? You need listings at wholesalers? You are thinking about outsourcing?

Based on our experience and competence in the market, we, the Schäfer Pharma GmbH, can offer you with logistics, marketing and distribution full service in pharmacies.

We are looking to find individual solutions for you and to answer all your questions in the healthcare market.

You can make profit from our knowledge we got in marketing and distribution of OTC- and ethical products and by working together with foreign companies and from our contacts. Please do not hesitate to ask and to contact us.

Our service is logistics, marketing and distribution. You can have either full service or parts of it. At wholesalers or in pharmacies, in Germany and in Austria.


Based on analysis and research of the market we develop for you depending on your budget strategies and activities.

We do not only want to recommend activities or only develop strategies but we also want to realize these marketing campaigns

to launch or relaunch your products successfully in pharmacies:

Consulting and strategy

  • Development of a marketing plan
  • Analysis of market and competition
  • Positioning and strategy
  • Activities, budget and timing

We want to realize activities for your products

  • PR: Sending of press text to journalists, promotional adverts or cooperation, print and online
  • Adverts: Media planning, creation of classical adverts or promotional adverts, consumer and trade plus legal check of claims
  • Internet: Webpage and online campaigns e.g. Google Adwords, banner adverts or special online cooperation
  • Point of Sales: Creation and production of sales material, e.g. displays and sales folder.


Development of sales promotion activities either with an own sales force or with an external sales force.

We are looking for listing of your products at wholesalers and for placement in pharmacies.


  • Listing and activities at wholesalers
  • Working together with an external sales force
  • Training of sales reps. and sales consulting
  • Development and conversion of sales campaigns
  • Execution of test markets

Development and conversion of sales campaigns

  • Offer design Which volumes and discounts?
  • Sales competition
  • Incentives: Handling and sending
  • Salesfolder: Creation of sales material for sales reps
  • Display: Which size and creation?

Execution of test markets

  • Which pharmacies?
  • Visit of pharmacies and placement of displays
  • Sales analysis
  • Analysis of results and recommendation


From warehousing to shipment to wholesalers and to pharmacies in Germany and Austria.

Together with our logistics partner we can offer you an optimized and complete unlimited service on logistics, quick and accurate.

Customer related warehousing
Receipt of goods with timely inspection / storage / batch documentation / returns processing

Picking and shipment
Order acceptance / picking / packaging / transport